Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something sad to share

We are heading to Phoenix Az. tomorrow for a funeral. We found out Wednesday that My husbands Sisters husband (hopefully you followed that I guess I should have just said brother in law) was killed tragically in moped accident Tuesday night. He had just bought it and was driving it home to surprise his daughter for her 16th Birthday. He crashed head on into a tree and his chest was crushed and he died not to long after arriving to the hospital . Needless to say a lot of tears have been shed at our house and I am just sick for my sister in law Cheryl. It is a reminder to me that life is so so fragile and you never know when someone you love will be gone in an instant! Hug your loved ones and count your blessings every day that you have another day to be with them
We love you Mark may you RIP.

I do have several projects in the works and a couple that are almost done, but for obvious reasons they have been put on hold, But when we get back I will post them.

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  1. Michelle, I'm so sorry to hear your news! My heart is breaking for your sister-in-law and her children. I'm shedding a few tears myself. Please extend our sincere condolenses to them as well. We will keep them in our prayers. I will hug my own hubby and children a little tighter today and be more grateful for them. This kind of thing sure puts things into perspective and shifts things around on the priority list! Have a safe trip! I'll be thinking about you.