About us

Do you wonder where our blog  name "Bug A Boo Corner" comes from?
Our Mom used to call us all Bug a boo or sometimes simply just Bug.  It is a little endearment that we  fondly remember and find that we use with our own kids now.  Also I live on a corner so that is why It ended up being "Bug A Boo Corner".
Paula and I (Michelle) are the two youngest of six kids in our family.  We all were close to each other and were each others best friends because we moved a lot and had to depend on each other, but Paula and I became especially close because we were the last two at home and have a lot of the same interests.  Now we are all grown up and have our own families and the big problem is she lives in Tennessee now and I live in Utah :-(  That is why we wanted to do this blog! So that we can stay connected as crafty sisters and we hope that we have something to share that will interest you too :-)