Monday, August 3, 2009

Super Saturday crafts

These are some crafts that were a big hit
at a couple of Super Saturdays I
was in Charge of. Super Saturday is a
craft day at my church where the women can take a break from their busy lives and make crafts , chat, and eat! :-)

Seasonal magnet frame:
This is a craft that my sister and I came up with. There is sheet metal inside the frame , but I painted the whole thing to make it look like it was all wood. We found wood letters at this fantastic wood store in Midvale Ut. called "Bare Wood" and painted them according to the seasonal saying like Fall, winter, spring, summer, Joy, Boo, Love, Luck, freedom, snow, etc. put magnets on the back and you just change out the saying

I spy bag:
These were so popular a couple of years ago and still can be great gifts for people with kids!
Wood turkey decoration:
I am determined to get Thanksgiving decor back ! These days the stores just skip from Halloween to Christmas decor and Thanksgivning gets passed over. This turkey was a cute decoration that my sons preschool teacher had in her house. I found the cut turkey wood pieces at Bare wood in Midvale Ut.
Nativity puzzle:
My kids love getting this puzzle out every Christmas and put it together over and over again!
A friend of mine gave me the pattern to this that Her dad had made. And sadly I can't remember her name to give her full credit.
This craft ended being a lot harder for some of the women then I thought. I forget that not everyone has experience painting detail. Anyway it ended up taking a couple more meet ups at my house for people to get this one done, but it was worth it in the end.
Check out the update to this puzzle.  My brother and I changed up the design a bit more to our liking.You can see it here

So these are a few ideas, Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Very cute! I still need to get the nativity puzzles from you that my friend and I ordered from you. I was going to have you send them with Russ when he came out here but then I forgot. Do you still have them?

  2. Do you sell the nativity puzzle or where can they be purchased at? I would love to get one for my mother-in-law that collects nativity sets.

    Thank you!

  3. love the puzzle, and your blog! Do you have a pattern for the puzzle or where can I purchase?

  4. Yes! I can make more nativity puzzles.:) Let me know if you want a finished painted puzzle or a unfinished one. I am working on setting up my Etsy shop so stay tuned I will have more info soon!

  5. how much for an unfinished puzzle? I'd love to do this for a super saturday. Do you have the pattern or instructions on how to paint it?

  6. What are your prices on the unfinished nativity puzzle? Where are you located at?

  7. I am in Tooele Ut. and an unfinished puzzle is $18.00 let me know if you are interested.

  8. I am selling the puzzles on etsy now! here is the link

  9. Are you still selling these puzzles? I don't see anything on Etsy :( Alternatively, do you sell the pattern? My dad is a wood worker looking for a project to do.

    My husband has something very similar (painted a bit differently) as a child and we're trying to get something similar for our son.

  10. The pattern for this puzzle actually came from a tole painting book. I made one about ten years ago and traced it straight out of a friend's book...just don't remember the name of the book or artist but I know it had other Christmas wood crafts in it.