Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cute stitchery idea

I found these cute magnets by Mary Ann Carter while searching the net for stitchery ideas. This is definitely a project I want to try soon! She has made mini stitcheries and put them on those wood buttons. These are her Valentine patterns, but she has summer and winter ones also. You can find the patterns at Pineneedlesonline.com click on the embroidery section and then find Mary ann Carter on the list of embroidery crafters. This is the website I like to go to when I need stitchery inspiration.
I also like this one by Pine Bough (also at the pineneedles website)
I just love this quote!


  1. I really like that quote, too. I'll have to order that one. What does she do with the nobs once she makes them? Does she change out her drawer knobs or does she use them for something unique? Just curious...