Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 CTR primary magnet bookmarks!

Ok people! I finally came up with  2012 Primary theme magnet bookmarks ;-) I could not find anything cute to make them until I found these cute CTR shields at Simply Fresh  She has a bunch of other fantastic free downloads for primary for 2012 that you should check out!  She has a regular bookmark download that is so adorable on her site too.

So just as a refresher if you have not printed out my magnet book marks before.  Click on the 2012 Primary bookmark pictures below to make them bigger.

Copy and paste it to your desktop or the location of your choice.  Then upload it to your favorite photo printing store,  Have it printed out as a 5x7 print because 4x6 crops off too much of the picture.  Then cut the photo in half on the verticle line then fold it in half on the horizontal line. Last of all add magnets to each end on the inside so it looks like the example below (my 2010 primary bookmarks).

So there you have it!  If you have any questions just let me know ;-)

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

YW 2012 theme bookmarks!

The New Year is almost here!  In the past I made bookmarks when I worked in the Primary, but now I work in the Young Womens program and so I made some to go with the new 2012 YW theme. I did not do these as magnet bookmarks like I have done in the past because I could not figure out how to make the cute sun work that way. (I wanted it high in the sky) so I just made regular bookmarks, but I think they are still cute :-)
So you just simply click on the picture to make it bigger and then copy and past it to your desktop or where ever you want to (that is just my favorite spot to past things that I want to find easily). Then transfer it to your favorite online photo store. Or if you have a good printer you can just print it out or photo copy it at a copy store.
Make sure you  print them out as a 5x7 photo size!  The 4x6 crops off too much of the picture. then simply cut them in half in the middle were the light grey line is.  It would also be cute to mount them on card stock and even laminate them.  Or you can just keep them as they  are :-)

You can find my Primary bookmarks here :-)

Update:  I made a matching  a handout or Young Women event invitation with this theme.  You just click on the pic and copy it like the bookmarks above.

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Great Hair tutorials!

So anyone who does not know I am a Hairdresser by trade.  I have always loved doing hair especially Hairstyling and makeup.  When I was in High School I did every ones hair and make up on our drill team before competitions and performances.  So Naturally I went into that field when I graduated from high school.  Right now I am not currently working in a salon, but do a lot of hair for friends and family still.  My goal is to have a  salon in my house in the near future to work out of as soon as my youngest starts Kindergarten.  Anyway after sharing that boring background story on me I will move onto what I really wanted to share in this post.
 I am always trying to keep up with the latest hair cuts and styles so I am often looking on the online for good ideas.  The other day I came across this great blog called "The small things"
 She is also hairdresser and she has amazing step by step tutorials on the cutest hairstyle ideas!  At least I think they are cute :-)  here is a link to her Hair style tutorials.  Here are a couple of my favorites

the elegant half up.

and the Bouncey Curled under

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A cute Nativity ornament!

Check out this cute Ornament at WildOlive If only I had any time right now I would totally make this!

Pinned Image

I love how it depicts the true meaning of Christmas.
Speaking of the true meaning of Christmas it is my turn this week to teach our neighborhood 3 year old pre-school.  Tuesday we talked about why we celebrate Christmas and that it is Jesus' Birthday.  We also talked about what kind of gift Jesus would want for his birthday.  We decided that the best gift we could give Jesus is to be kind and loving to eachother and to share with eachother and to  help eachother.  So when I saw this little clip I knew that I had to show it to them tomorrow :-)  It is the perfect example of a gift to Jesus!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun Handmade Gifts ideas!

Tis the Season! My poor little blog has been so neglected lately!  I keep thinking that my sister Paula will post some of her fun ideas from her Super Saturday she did a few weeks ago, but alas we will all have to be left in suspense :-) I am so excited about how well my Etsy store did this season!  It has been such a blessing to finally master and conquer my fear at using the scroll saw because I am not limited at waiting on others to help me with my projects I can just go and cut them out myself :-)
I decided this year for Christmas that I wanted to take advantage of all the wonderful talent out in Etsy land and other crafters in my area by trading and buying from other hand crafters.

Here are a few fun hand made gifts that my family will be getting this year :-)

First the Etsy store Backwoods Toys
Slingshot, Pea Shooter Combo3 Bows & Arrows for Kids

They have the coolest homemade bow and arrows, pea shooters, Rubber band shooters, ping pong ball shooters etc.  I got what's pictured above for my 11 year old son who loves this kind of stuff! Don't let the homemade look of these items fool you into thinking they are not well made. When we recieved our package in the mail my husband tried the bow and arrow out first and before he could even pull the arrow back all the way he mistakenly let go too soon and it flew across the house! We tried out the all the other little weapons also and they worked great too! And it is safe because they have eraser tips on all the arrows :-)

Next I traded one of my puzzles for 3 crochet  Mary Jane slippers from an Etsy store called Made by Mitzy
Women's Crochet Mary Jane Slippers--Frosty GreenThese slippers are so cozy and well made!  I can't wait for my daughters to open them Christmas Eve with their new P.J's :-)

Another fun trade I made with a wonderful lady I met here locally at a craft fair I did.  She makes the cutest Cat and owl dolls! She calls them scrappy cats. She made one for all my girls.  I was just going to get one for my 3 year old, but thought they would be a perfect addition on my teenagers beds to add to their room decor! here are a some pics at what she does. 

And they are even cuter in person than they are in the pictures. 
She does not have a Etsy store yet, but if you are interested I can get you in contact with her just let me know:-)

I also think News boy caps like this are so adorable! I found these ones at Angelas studio1 at Etsy :-)
Newsboy Hats Caps Crocheted Newsboy

So think about adding some unique original handmade gifts to your list this year :-)

Happy  Crafting everyone!