Saturday, August 8, 2009

Easy kiddie pool garden

So I think a lot of people have had to make changes with the crazy economy right now. One of those changes being growing your own fruits and veggies. I have always wanted to have a garden. I tried one a few years back and I was too ambitious and planted a huge garden that had every plant you could think of. I got over whelmed and eventually it was over run by morning glory and other weeds that I could not keep up with and I gave up. A friend in my neighborhood had some beautiful raised container gardens that she said were much easier to take care of. So this year that was my plan. My biggest obstacle was if my husband would have time to build me some frames before the planting season. Then on one of my many trips to my local Wal-mart I saw the cheap plastic kiddie pools in the garden dept. And I was struck by a revelation that they could be my containers! But knowing if it was even possible I looked it up on the Internet when I got home and learned that others do it and you just have to make sure that you poke drain holes in the bottom so you don't get root rot. I planted only the veggies and fruit that I buy at the store, like zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, green and red bell peppers and watermelon and then I also planted pumpkins so we could have our own for Halloween. It has turned out great and I have not had to pull out one weed because I was able to control what I put in the pools. Steer manure, Miracle grow time release garden soil and peet moss. This is how I am going to plant a garden for now on!

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