Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New magnet book marks for 2014

It has literally been ages since I have blogged!  So sorry I will try to do better ;-)

Anyway, I decided to sit down and make some new bookmarks today for the 2014 themes of  Primary and YM/YW!
They make awesome and inexpensive gifts. We gave these as birthday gifts in our Primary a couple of years ago.

For best results for this bookmark I would have it printed out as a 5x7 because I think a 4x6 would crop too much off.  Most online photo centers let you preview how it will crop first. Cut it down the middle lengthwise and then fold them in half down the middle.  Then place magnets on the inside bottom so it can snap together on your book page. the pic below shows how it should look once it is cut and folded. 
Click on pics below and save it to your desktop or something and then transfer it to your favorite photo center online.

Primary theme 2014

YM/YW theme 2014

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wood Spoons

So I have not posted on here for a long long time!  I started a new blog called "Little Sisters Crafts", but I see that people still come to this blog the most so I decided that I will just post my crafts on Little Sisters and this blog will be more of a mixture of everything like I have been using it :-)
Over the Holidays I started something knew that was a huge hit at my Etsy store!  Wood burned wood spoons :-)

It started out with these 1920's people.  

Then came the owls :-)

Wild Flowers,

And Sea Turtles :-)

The Owls were the hugest hit!  I never realized how many Owl lovers there are out there!