Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rooster wood burned design on cutting board

I saw these wood cutting boards on clearance at Wood and thought "What a perfect canvas for my wood burning addiction!"  After much thought of what I should do, I finally decided on something that would match the theme for my kitchen (country farm) and came up with this Rooster :-)  I
I used to think that wood burning was something that scouts did for crafts at scout camp, but as you can see there is beautiful art that can be created with wood burning!

I really had a lot of fun creating this! This rooster was inspired by an old vintage embroidery pattern I found.  All I have left to do is to sand it and seal it with some of my homemade (non toxic) coconut oil beeswax sealer:-)


  1. I think your rooster is great!!! I've just started wood burning again and will post soon, what kind of a burner do u use?

    1. I am glad you like my rooster :-) I just use a Walnut Hollow creative versa tool wood burner nothing too fancy. I know there are some fancier wood burners out there that are easier to use, but so far this is all I know so I don't know any different. I only started wood burning this last fall so it is still kind of new to me. What I do like about this model I have is that it has a dial on it so I can adjust the temperature. I also like to create different looks with the different tips. By far the one I use most is the chisel tip. I also have a fun texture tip that I used too create texture on the feathers of this Rooster.
      What kind of wood burner do you use? I would love to see your wood burning art too :-)