Monday, November 9, 2009

The Cricut Expression

Hey everyone I had a Birthday on Saturday and My husband surprised me with a cricut expression!  I never would have expected it because money has been tight lately. I have wanted a cricut for 5 years now and I had finally convinced myself that having a cricut was a silly waste of money since there are so many pre made stickers, die cuts, embellishments etc. out at the stores, but boy oh boy was I wrong!  I have been having so much fun!

 I was able to whip out quickly all the squares I needed for another mini muffin tin advent calendar I am making. It was so quick and this time I put the magnet sheeting behind the squares and I was able to cut squares on the magnet sheet on the cricut the exact same size as the scrapbook paper squares!

Any way I am sure to some of you this is old hat to you cause you probebly got the Original Cricut the first second it came out, but for me it is new, exciting and fun!

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  1. It sure was fun last night putting the calendar's together. They turned out so cute!