Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't eat Pete!

Hey all this is Michelle!  
I had some fun over the weekend making a couple of "Don't eat Pete" game boards with my digital scrapbooking program. I had lost my old game board and never thought it was cute enough anyway.  And have wanted to make a new one for a long time.

 My kids thought this first one was weird because there are girl pictures on it and Pete is not a girl name, but I could not find enough cute clip art of  boys  faces so thus there are girls too, but I thought it would be fun for a class room setting that has girls and boys:-)

This second one was a last minute one after the kids made a stink about how impossible it was to have girls be named Pete.  So this is was the result.  I think it turned out cute!

For anyone who does not know what "Don't eat Pete" is it is a game where one kid/person goes out of the room and the rest of the group decides which picture is going to be Pete.  You lay a piece of candy (generally m&m's or skittles). on each picture.  You call the person singled out to come back into the room.  They start picking up candies one at a time (usually eating them as they go) then when they start to pick up the candy on the picture that was previously chosen by the group everyone yells to the top of their lungs "DON'T EAT PETE!"  The person picking up the candy usually jumps about 10 feet in the air and everyone has a laugh and a new person is chosen to go outside the room.  It is a simple game yet kids love it and would play it all day if you let them!  I am sure the candy has nothing to do with it :-)

I would suggest you print this out on card stock or as a photo and then laminate it.  I love my Scotch brand Laminator.  You can get one at Sams Club for $25.00!
I have to admit I have not printed one out yet so I don't know how they will print out especially as a photo so make sure you preview it in case part of it gets cut off.


  1. Michelle, we just printed it and played it. We used chocolate chips and it made adorable noses for your cute people. Can you put numbers on them for number recognition? Thanks for the fun game for this afternoon. I played this game so many times as a child and haven't taught it to my kids thanks for the board!

  2. We love this game, too. I've just had a simple board so I'm happy to be able to use your cute boards! Hmmm, we might have to play this for Family Home Evening tonight!

  3. I am glad you guys like the boards! Michele I will add some numbers for you. So did they print out ok for you? Paula I thought it would make a fun family home evening activity to :-)

  4. Hey Michele (Meedy) I added the numbers so you can reprint them out.