Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best bread ever!

I hope my sisters don't get upset with me for posting this recipe, but I think my Mom would have been happy to share it with anyone who wanted it so I will share it.
This is the bread that I grew up with.  My mom found the recipe years ago in some womens magazine of some kind and tweaked it a little bit to her liking . When I was little I never appreciated how yummy this bread was.  I would complain that I wanted the "Wonder Bread" that everyone else ate at school and why did we have to have homemade bread!  I came to my senses as I became older and realized how lucky we were to have a Mom who was such a good cook.  My  Mom was an Idaho farm girl that chose wisely at a young age that she would rather cook and help with the household responsibilities  instead of work in the fields with the rest of her siblings and as a result she learned to be a fantastic cook.  My friends always liked eating at our house and enjoying my Moms fabulous homecooked meals. 
She Passed away 3 years ago of  from Cancer at the age of 72 and there is not I day I don't miss her. A few days ago while thinking about her I decided I felt like having some of her bread.  I think back with wonder at how she would make bread every week kneading it by hand with no special bread mixer like I have (That women had arms of steal!).  I have no excuse with my K-Tech mixer (similar to a Bosh) and so I have decided that I am going to make it on a more regular basis.  For some reason this batch I made did not rise as high as I would have liked I think my yeast was a little old and that must have been why.  It still turned out yummy!  I made it on Friday it made 4 loaves and my family loved it so much that they had it all eaten by the end of the weekend!  So anyway here is the recipe and if you make let me know how it turned out for you and if you liked it.

MOM'S WHITE BREAD RECIPE ( This is the by hand version, but I will add side notes at to how I do it with the mixer)

To a bread pan add: (I just add it to my mixer bowl)
6 C. luke warm water
3 pkgs. yeast (sprinkle over water)
2/3 C. Sugar (sprinkle over yeast and water)
Let sit for about 10 minutes or until everything floats to the top
8 tsp. salt
2 C. scalded milk (warm milk)
3/4 C. oil
about 15-18 cups of flour

Stir ingreadients.( or turn on mixer) Begin adding between 6-8 cups of flour a little at a time and add mre as needed. stir with a spoon until you cannot stir anymore and then begin kneading with your hands. Keep adding flour until the dough is nice and smooth, losing its wet and sticky feel.( I add the flour a little at a time until the dough stops sticking to the side of the mixer  bowl) Rub oil on dough and pan. cover and let raie about 45 minutes or until it had doubled in  size. ( if you have quick rise yeast that only needs to rise once you can move the dough to the pans at this point and let them rise there) Grab dough and turn it over and punch it down. Cover and let it rise again for best results and the punch down dough again. Grease bread pans. Divide dough, shape and put into pans and let it rise to the top of pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.

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  1. Ahhh, Michelle, you have brought some wonderful memories to mind. I LOVE mom's bread, also, and I don't mind a bit you sharing it with others. You're right, mom wouldn't mind a bit. After I lose the weight I'm wanting to I'll have to make some of this amazing bread as well. I especially love it as french toast - no other bread makes it as good!