Monday, January 18, 2010

Shannon Hale book signing

My girls and I had fun on Saturday at a local book store called "The Purple Cow". They were having a book signing with the Shannon Hale  (One of our favorite authors).  Her Husband Dean Hale and Nathan Hale ( The illustrator) were there also. They were introducing their new Book "Calamity Jack" Which is a sequal to "Rapunzels Revenge" (Graphic Novels for kids).  It was so nice meeting her!   She was so nice and seems so down to earth.  Shannon and Dean were about an hour late because they were mixed up on the time,  but we were able to be entertained in the mean time by Nathan Hale the Illustrator of the book.  He drew a couple crazy monsters on a big poster board and let the audience help him decide what the features should be.  He is an incredible artist! It took him two years to do all the illustrations for "Calmity Jack". Here is a little comic strip I noticed On his blog this morning of his trip out to Tooele for the book signing.  So funny!
Shannon was kind to let me take a picture of her with my girls.  Check out her Rapunzel wig made of yarn !
If you have not read any of Shannon Hales books yet you will love them!   My favorites are "Goose Girl", "Book Of A Thousand Days", "Princess Academy" and these graphic novels "Rapunzles Revenge" and "Calamity Jack".  Here is a link to Shannons website
By the way Paula your signed book is all ready to be sent out in the mail tomorrow!

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