Saturday, March 19, 2011

Clever irrigation system for plants!

I think this is so cool!  Check out how buried unglazed clay pots make a very effective watering system for your plants in the garden. 

You can find a bunch of info here at Tipnut. There is also a few other neat ideas Tipnut shares using other items like coke bottles, buckets etc.  Here is a great example as to how to use clay pot ollas in a raised garden bed at website called A Path to Freedom.  This website has a lot of good ideas about edible landscaping too.  Some of their ideas are little extreme for me, but their story is really interesting I think :-)  They turned their yard in the middle of the city in Pasadena CA.  into a thriving organic gardening business.  They sale a lot of fruits and veggies to local resturants etc.
Pretty cool!

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