Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have such fond memories of the Hollyhocks in our yard when I was little and making Hollyhock dolls! So I was so excited when my friend asked me earlier this Summer if I wanted some of her baby Hollyhocks she had planted the year before. They almost did not make it because we had a huge grasshopper plauge in our area this summer and they started to nibble on them and one plant was actually eaten. Luckily the rest survived. They started blooming their flowers a few weeks ago and so the other day my daughter and I made some little Hollyhock dolls. If you have never done this before all you need is a full flower a bud and a toothpick. You turn the flower upside down and poke the toothpick up the middle of the flower and then up into the middle of the bud. I like to keep a little bit of stem on to have it look like a neck between the bud head and the flower dress. So fun and so cute!

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