Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glitter toes tutorial :-)

I got to go to girls camp this year with the Young Women in my Ward. The girls enjoyed doing pedicures and Glitter Toes to each other!   This whole glitter toes thing was new to me so I thought I would share how it is done :-)

Here are the supplies you will need
Finger nail polish 
 glitter the same color
gel glue
 clear finger nail polish
First you paint all your nails the color of your choice.
Next  you apply the glue.
Use the tip of the glue to evenly spread it on each nail.
Next comes the glitter.
sprinkle the glitter on all the toes and push it evenly onto each toe nail.

Next the clear nail polish.
clear any excess glitter around each toe nail and then apply clear nail polish on each toe nail
There you have it! glitter toes!
It was cute my daughter could not stop looking at her glittery toes :-)

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  1. thanks for your great blog post! I saw these glitter toes on tv but missed most of it and didn't see how the glitter stayed on. I will stop back again and see what tips and crafty ideas you have. :-)