Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another cute apron!

I made another flour sack ruffle apron for my friend :-) 
Her daughter is getting married and this is going to be her wedding shower gift.  I think the fabric colors are so cute! (you can find the fabric at Hobby Lobby)  I switched how I did the ruffle at the top a little bit ( every time I make one of these aprons they turn out just a little bit different.  That is how things go when you don't use a pattern :-)
People have asked for instructions for this apron and it is hard because really there is not any solid instructions.  I just made it up as I went, but I do have some basic ideas that I can share, but I warn you this will most likely be the worst tutorial to understand so just know you have been warned :-)

I bought a flour sack towel from the dollar store  I like to get a flour sack towel because all the edges are already hemmed which saves me a few steps ( I am all about saving steps!), but I do cut the corners off one end of the towel and I hem the new rough edges by pressing under a quarter inch twice and then hem it down until the corners look like this. 

Then you need a quarter yard each of two different coordinating fabrics.  I cut each  quarter yard of fabric into 6 inch wide strips. 

 Then you press in the sides of each strip of fabric a quarter inch and hem around all sides.

Sew big stitches on one long side and lightly gather into a ruffle.
Then basically you sew the strips of fabric on the flours sack towel about 3 1/2 or  4 inches apart from each other.  Do not  gather one of the fabric strips because it will be your waist band.
I wish I could tell you exactly how I piece it all together.  Sometimes I start sewing the ruffles from the top and sometimes I start from the bottom.  And I do the top collar ruffle different every time also. So all I can say is this is what I end up with! 

Good luck!

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