Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mini Frittatas!

So just bare with me people!
 I am going through a food and recipe stage lately if you have not noticed :-)
 One thing you'll learn about me is I go through stages!  And I have found that it all depends on what time of year it is.  I get really crafty in the fall and winter,  I get into recipes, food and gardening in the spring and summer.  My crafty side seems to be taking a break right now.
Anyway like I said in my last post I can't eat any breads or starches for 3 weeks so I have been looking up good recipes for breakfast.  I found this Frittata recipe and decided to try it this morning and I was not disappointed!
 Picture of Mini Frittatas Recipe
I did tweak it a little bit though.  I added grated zucchini.  I put a couple of tablespoons on the bottom of each muffin tin ( I used regular sized muffin tins and it made exactly 12)  then I put ham and cheese on top of the zucchini and then poured the egg mixture on top.  I also flip flopped the pepper and salt ratio.  That seemed like too much pepper to me and not enough salt.  So anyway they turned out fabulous! A perfect breakfast! They were nice and filling and a handful of blueberries topped the meal off :-)  They would make a great snack for later too.

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