Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looking for fresh Super Saturday ideas for 2010

I am on my Wards Enrichment committee ( oops! I ment to say "Relief Society Meeting committee the name has changed)  Anyway we are trying to come up with some good Super Saturday Ideas early so that we can be ready in the fall.  So If there are any bloggers out there that have any good fresh new ideas I would love your input!
There are a few projects out there that are tired and have just been way over used and my house just can't fit another piece of wood with some sort of vinyl saying on it ( I think you know what I am talking about) I am not against vinyl, just certain projects done with vinyl.
I am the type of person that does not want to waste my time making something that Is going to end up in the D. I. pile a month later.  It has to be something people would actually use or feel proud displaying in their home.
Some of the ideas I have come up with so far that I want to share with our Relief Society meeting leader is

Framed Sillhouettes

I think these look so so classy and I would love to make a display of my kids on our Family room wall.
An example of how to do them is here.

Home made event banners

You can find this one here

You can find this one here

And you can find this one here

You can make the banners with paper or felt.  I have not decided what I want to do yet.

I also like the idea of the 30 meal plan by Melissa and Kathyrn over at Nanny goat

I think also it would be neat to make a cook's gift basket with like an apron, flour sack towels, glass gem fridge magnets, and pot holders all with matching fabric embellishments.

Here is an example of what the flour sack towels might look like

So any way just a few fun Ideas!  Please send me yours!

I also Like the chalk board plates and platters that people use to write whats for dinner and stuff like that.

My friend Valerie who is also the Relief Society meeting leader in our Ward does vinyl and she has some neat vinyl chalk boards.  You could put it on the wall, fridge or where ever.

Here is just an example of what one might look like, but you can do different shapes I'm sure.


  1. These are all cute ideas! ☺!

  2. My sister made the cutest hair clips for my daughter. They are made with a ribbon covered alligator clip then she included several bottle caps covered with scrapbook paper and diamond glaze. By hot-gluing a magnet to the clip you can switch the bottle caps to match your outfit. Very cute and inexpensive.

  3. I meant to include a couple of links so you can see the bottlecap hair clips:

  4. Love the bottle cap clip idea! That is neat! I think they would be cute to stick on the middle of flowers that go on clips and head bands too. I have done the bottle caps as necklaces, but had not thought of clips. Thanks for the idea!
    In fact it would be fun to have a class on how to make your own boutique style hair accessories.
    keep the ideas coming people! :-)

  5. In our relief society we did FHE books but warning they are a LOT of work. But now I have 52 premade FHE lessons for whenever Im to sick/tired/lazy/busy to make up my own. We also did quiet books for the children using the pictures of the prophets (cut from the prophet poster the church sells) pasted on scrap booking paper with short paragraphs for each prophet. There was also stations to do washi boxes (its a Japanese decorative box, I live in Japan), rock magnets (these didn't work out to well, they fell apart within days) and frames for the Family proclamation. Other ideas: a chore chart made out of wood, a FHE board for FHE assignments or some kind of service project.
    Good luck! I really enjoyed the one my branch did last year.

  6. Hi!
    My sisters and I run a company called Windmill Lettering where we do entire Super Saturday kits. Check out our blog for our 2010 ideas.
    We would love to help!