Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Lizzie's!

This is the stash my family came home with last night from Sweet Lizzie's
It is a new Old fashioned style candy store here in Tooele Utah. 
here is a picture of the inside of the store.

The owner also owns the Famous Sweet Pea Boutiqe here in Tooele.  All you Tooele people know what I mean :-)  It is an fabulous store here with gently used Baby - Teen items that are name brand, trendy & cute!  And the prices are really reasonable.  I have bought all my babies clothes there.  They are very picky about the things they accept so the selection is fantastic and it is hard for me to not go overboard in that store!  She has just started a blog where she is starting weekly give aways.  Last Fridays give away was a $20 gift certificate!  You can do a  lot with $20 in that store!
So anyway back to Sweet Lizzie's.  My kids had gone over to their friends house about a week ago and they had yummy candy from Sweet Lizzie's and that is all I have heard about for days!  So we promised them we would go there for Family Night and that could be their Family Home Evening treat.  What a charming little store!  They have the upstairs set up to be a party room.  Both my older daughters now want that to be where they have their next Birthday party.  When we walked in I thought how do I know that Women (owner)?  And then she mentioned She owned Sweet Pea Boutiqe and I realized that is where I knew her from.  What a neat lady! There needs to more people like that in the world.  She said that they are trying to help liven up the Tooele downtown area.  I agree!  The Tooele downtown area has the potential of being so Charming!  
Danielle was stealing candy from the stash  with the speed of lighting while I tried to take the Candy stash  picture.
luckily she could not get the lids of the toxic waste candy :-)  If you want to cry try one of those candies!


  1. I ♥ Sweet Lizzie's AND Sweet Pea! Didja see all my vinyl there? I love having my stuff out in the commmunity!

  2. Val,
    She actually told me that Valerie Anderson did her Vinyl and I was proud to let her know that you were my friend and neighbor :-)