Thursday, March 4, 2010

Founding Fathers Sillhouettes

It was my brother Russ' Birthday yesterday and so we were over visiting and I mentioned to him about my desire to do sillouettes.  I have an old American themed front room at my house.  And so I mentioned it would be neat to do famous Presidents and founding fathers sillhouettes.  He got online and we found some nice profile pics, but we decided that we like the coin profiles the best.  He has these amazing programs that he uses in the his graphic designing and he was able to outline the profiles and then tweeked them to look a little more pleasing to the eye.  Like Thomas Jeffersons pony tail would have looked like a blob with out doing a little doctoring.  That is where having a brother who is an  Artist comes in so handy!   He was also able to find all of their signiatures online.  I think that they turned out fabulous!
 We plan on cutting them out in black vinyl He has a vinyl cutter with his sign making business.  I can't wait to frame theme and display theme on my wall!

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