Friday, December 4, 2009

Story stones!

I saw the cutest idea  at  Thanks Kelly! So so cute!
I found a tuturial For Story stones on another website
She has some cute ones too. Here is a sample of some of her stones.

This little girl just the cutest!

I picked up some stones at walmart yesterday and will be trying my hand at this cute craft idea.  Thanks Ladies for the inspiration!


  1. So what do you do with them after you make them? I guess I'm lacking the vision to see what they are for.

  2. I had the same question. One lady said she keeps them in a basket and her kids like to pour them out and make up stories with all the different pictures. Also she takes a small bag of them in with her to the doctors office etc. for her kids to pull out. I think it would make a fun game. Kids could start making up a story and take turns pulling out stones and have to incorporate them in the story. This would only work for smaller children of course.

  3. Wow, I don't think anyone has ever blogged about something I've made before- especially someone so creative! I'm honored! :) (Julie directed me to your blog. . . )

    I know, it is a little weird to give kids rocks. But, my kids really do love playing with them. My 5 year old makes up stories with them all the time, my 3 year old organizes them into groups, my 2 year old just picks a favorite (usually the cow) and carries it around for a while, and my 16 month old empties and refills the basket over and over again. So far no one have thrown one through a window, but it does worry me a little!

    They also make darling paper weights- fun teacher gifts. I'm considering making my husband one with either the Dodger's "LA" symbol or the BYU "Y" to keep on his desk at work. . . . just an idea.

  4. I am glad you found my blog Kelly! I came across your blog through Julie's. I love all the cute stuff you have made. And I just love those rocks! I tried to leave you a message on your blog, but could not get it to work. That is why I have used Julie as the middle man :-) It is funny. My 16 month old keeps pulling out the rocks from my bag of rocks I bought at Wal mart the other day and playing with them and they don't even have pictures on them yet. Funny!