Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hand made beaded watches

I know you have all seen them and you may already know how to make them, but if you are like me and have admired the bumble beaded watches, but have never actually sat  down and tried to make one Now is the time!  The watch in the picture comes from Doodlee Do Creations This is more the style I am looking for.  I think that is why I have waited longer to make one because most I have seen are too big and chunky for my taste.
 Here is a great tutorial on how to  make bumble bauble watches. Again these are too chunky for me, but it is a great tutorial!  I have all the supplies except for the double spacers.  That will be my goal this week!  Here is the link.
My 13 year old is an insulin dependant diabetic.  I think this idea would work great for cute medical I.D. bracelets too.

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