Saturday, February 11, 2012

Easy Fish Tacos !

So I decided this week our dinner menus would come from some of the Pinterest meals I've been collecting.  I went shopping today for all the ingredients that I needed.  And I decided tonight to start with something simple since I had such a busy day.  I decided on  Fish Tacos  Yay!  These were so simple and yummy :-)  I found the recipe at Behind the  Since they had such a fantastic picture of the process of making their tacos I did not bother taking any pictures of mine, but I will tell some changes that I made with mine.
#1 Instead of shrimp I made Fish Stix because my husband does not like shrimp :-/ but it would taste great with either.
#2 In my sauce instead of jalapenos I used green chili salsa.
#3 I wanted to make mine more like Cafe Rio so  I used packaged cole slaw veggies.  I also added some lettuce in it.
#4 I topped mine with crumbled Mexican cheese.
They were so yummy!  and easy :-)

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