Sunday, November 13, 2011


So here is the update on my first Craft Fair.  It was kind of a bomb, but some good came out of it :-)  This was the first year for this particular craft fair so I know each year will get better.  I also had a poor spot for my booth that was not visable enough.  Next year I know exactly where I want to be!  Anyway I made about a $60.00 profit so it was not a complete failure, And I was able to make a couple of trades with other crafters that I am really excited about!  Anyway I wanted to show off a couple of Thanksgiving crafts that I have made recently (mainly for this Craft Fair) since it is close to Thanksgiving.

First my "Gobble" letters.  I really liked how these turned out.  I saw something like this on Pinterest and once I  found a font that I liked I cut out my own version ;-)  here it is displayed at my craft fair booth.  It was a big hit there and I was sad to see it go :-(

Next I made another one of my Thanksgiving Turkeys, but I painted it with water color paint instead of doing the scrapbook paper.  I also wood burned the the beak and around the feathers.  I like how you can still see the wood grain through the water color paint.

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