Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wild Rice Cornbread Stuffing

So today I am posting my sister Jana's Wild rice cornbread stuffing recipe.
My mom had really yummy stuffing, but I have to admit I like my sisters just a little bit better ;-)

Here is my sister Jana with her wonderful husband!

She is the third oldest in our family and was and still is the peace maker.  She and I were really close growing up. We shared a room even though I was the youngest and she was one of the oldest.  She is an awesome cook and wonderful mother. She also has the most loud and contagious laugh out of anyone I know :-)

Jana's Wild rice cornbread stuffing recipe

 Make the wild rice the same as on the package, separately.
Cut up onion and celery and simmer with the water for the corn bread stuffing until tender.
 Add the bread as usual.
 Combine the cooked wild rice with the completed stuffing and drizzle on turkey drippings until the stuffing is the right consistency.

That's it!  Easy and yummy!

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