Saturday, January 15, 2011

My daughter the artist!

My 14 year old daughter is a very talented artist.  She as been surprising us with her talent since she was a toddler.   This week she painted her first art piece that someone paid her for.  Her friend wanted her to paint this for a birthday present for another friend who apparently loves this singing group.    It is not really her style to draw and paint skulls.  She tends to draw and paint animal life mostly like this. (she did these with her electronic drawing pad she got for her birthday this year.)

 but I think she did a good job anyway. here is a couple of pictures. One of her painting it and one of it finished.  She had to paint it on  our living room wall because it was so big.

She also made a Coloring book this year to earn Christmas money.  She sold them all, but I will have to post some pics. of that when we make some more.

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