Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentines Day!

Valentines day is coming before we know it!  In January I always think I have  a long time before Valentines day and then It always sneaks up on me.  This year I don"t want to let that happen! 
One thing I did manage to do last year for Valentines day was borrow this fantastic idea for a personal Valentine for your kids to take to friends. 

You can find that post from last Valentines day here.
This year my goal before Februrary comes is to make a cute Valentines day Door Decoration. Last year this Heart felt wreath from the idea room was all the rage.  I want to do something similar, but different.  I also want to make another cute Valentines stitchery (This was on my list last year, but it never happened). I want to use one of these rubber stamp designs as my inspiration.  Rubber stamp designs make great stitchery patterns!

   I also want to come up with another clever idea for my kids Valentines to pass out at school. Do any of you have any good ideas?

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