Friday, June 4, 2010

Recycle blue jeans into a purse!

A wonderfully talented lady in my Ward has the neatest purses she has made out jeans.  I have wanted to learn how to make one for myself for awhile now and she is going to teach our neighborhood craft group how to make them on Tues. My 14 year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes wanted a new purse to hold all her "Stuff" because the strap broke on her purse she has been using all year. She has to have a purse that can carry all her diabetes stuff, a juice or snack in case she get low blood sugar, i pod, camera, cell phone, lip gloss etc., but she does not want something to big or bulky, because she has to carry it with her all the time because of her diabetes.  So since funds are tight right now I decided to try my hand at making one yesterday out of an old pair of girls size 10 jeans I had in the D.I. box.  I found a tutorial on how to make it right here.  I did not follow the instructions exactly because I am a short cut crafter type, but it will do the job until I learn in more detail how to make one on Tues.  The strap is a little too long, but she likes to wear her purses across her body and wanted it longer. What I love about these purses is that there are pockets and spaces for everything!  My daughter is going to the Zoo today with a friend and was excited to use the purse :-)  If it meets her approval that says a lot! (she is kind of picky)

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