Thursday, November 26, 2009

My latest Advent Calendar!

So yes I must be obsessed with Advent Calendars! 
I saw this idea And I wanted to do something similar. 
I saw they had the little tins at the dollar store in packages of 3. So I bought 8 packages way cheaper than the ones at Walmart and Michaels.
 So I had my tins, but I did not know what to do with them!  While I was shopping at Michaels for supplies for my  muffin tin Advent Calendar craft class I saw this plain wood craft wreath and suddenly I knew exactly what I was going to do with my tins!  I am the worst at documenting my steps while making a craft so I will explain the best I can.

1st I mod podged some pretty green Christmas scrapbook paper onto the round frame.

Next I spray painted the silver looking tins a oil rubbed bronze color because I love that look.
Oh also I found some cute Texas stars at the dollar store that had some silly santas and snowmen on them so I sprayed the oil rubbed bronze over that too so I could hang it down the middle of the wreath.

Then I cut out 2 inch circles on my cricut and mod podged them onto the tops of the tins.  I cut out numbers the same color green as the wreath.  I mod podged them onto the tops of the tins also.
I thought the oil rubbed bronze star and tins looked too plain so I added some cute decorative christmas ribbon to add some color and bling!  I attached them on with glue dots one of my favorite crafting tools!
I glued down the tins on the the wreath with heavy duty E-6000 glue.  I also attached the star with a silver ribbon and let it all dry over night.

My 11 year old daughter and I put in all the chocolates this morning and hung it on the wall. 

Yay! I think it turned out cute!

Believe it or not I have another different kind of Advent Calendar I am working on.  I will post that one soon!


  1. LOVE IT! It is so cute. Good job Michelle! I love the circles on a circle. You are so crafty-brained. You are the advent calendar queen...your kids are going to have so much fun getting the goodies each morning during the countdown to Christmas.

    Oh and thanks for mentioning me in your last post.

  2. Ok, Michelle, this is so cute! I might just have to make one!