Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 3 sisters garden.

Remember my wild and crazy garden ideas a few months ago?  Well it is paying off!  I was so afraid that I would fail at growing corn, but my crazy adventure worked :-)
Remember a 3 sisters garden is when you grown corn, squash and beans together.  The corn is the pole for the beans.  The squash shades the weeds and the beans help stabilize the corn stalks from the winds etc. You don't grow the corn in rows like a traditional garden.  This link from an earlier post explains it better.

Here  is some of the corn that is ready to pick!  If you look close enough you will notice the evil grasshopper sitting there just waiting to eat my corn!
So my dreams of eating fresh corn straight from the garden have actually come true!

So far only a couple looked ready to pick so here they are husked, trimmed and ready to go in the boiling water.
The trick to cooking corn is not to over cook it.  You only need to keep in the boiling water for no more than a minute.
We had to split them in half and share since only two were ready to pick.  My son was privileged to be the first taste tester.  Don't mind his mop head.  He is getting a haircut this week from his favorite hairdresser (that would be me!).
He loves it! Said it was the best corn he has ever eaten!  What a Corney smile (literally)  :-)
I had to agree with him about it being the best corn he had ever eaten.  It was deeelish!  Nothing beats fresh corn straight from the garden.
 here is a close up pic of the squash plants at the base of the corn stalks.  I wonder how many pumpkins we will have this fall :-)

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