Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you have blog envy?

I have been blogging for 2 years now and I often ask myself why do I blog?
I want to believe that I blog so I can share some creative ideas that I might have that would be helpful to others out there, but I will admit like anyone else out there in the blogging world I do enjoy getting a pat on the back and seeing comments on my posts.  I do check how many hits my blog gets each day. And I am always happy to see a new follower :-)
  I love being creative, but it can be a little discouraging when I follow other blogs that they are clearly more creative than me.  It makes me question if I have anything worth contributing.  That may be why I have not blogged much over the summer.  But when I think back over my summer I have done a lot!  And because I have decided it probably is  not creative enough or interesting enough to others out there I have not shared.   And so I have decided that I don't care anymore!  I am just going to be me and I am not going to worry if others think I am interesting enough or not :-)
So I am going to share the things I have been up to over the summer through out this week.
 I love this post by Marta @ Marta Writes. It really hits the nail on the head about how I feel about blogging and blog envy.

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