Thursday, February 3, 2011

A framed heart!

My family was able to take a quick break and go down to Southern Utah last weekend. The temps were in the 60 degrees :-)  That was heaven compared to the 20 or below degree weather we have been experiencing up here in Northern Utah for forever it seems!  Any way  On the way there (4 1/2 hour trip) I worked some magic on a small straw decorative heart I found at D.I. 

I wish I had taken pics to document the process, but I basically wrapped the whole heart with Jute (sp?) rope and then I took some medium red ribbon  and med red polka dot ribbon and cut them in 3 inch strips.  I stitched large stitches by hand on one side of each strip of ribbon and then pulled the thread and gathered it until it  formed a donut shape (looked like a little flower)and then I sewed them on one at a time by hand onto the jute string (quite close to eachother) on one side of the heart.  I know this explanation is quite poor so if you have any questions just ask.
I have also been looking for a cute frame to put on my front door to hang seasonal decorations in the center.  I was happy to score this frame at D.I. on the same day I found the straw heart.  It was the perfect size and look that I have been looking for! I still need to antique it some, but I could not wait to show you all  the finished project with the heart and frame combined ;-) 

 Now I just need to add big fat red bow above the heart on the frame to hide the hook it is haning on ;-)


  1. Darling! I LOVE it! Even better that you found it at DI and made it beautiful!