Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Super Saturday ideas!

I am on the R.S. meeting committee in my ward. And I don't know about you, but one thing that all our ladies look forward to each year is Super Saturday!  Our goal this year was to have easy, cheap, and practical crafts.  I thought I would share with you the crafts that I am in charge of.  I will  take pictures of the ones other people are in charge of the next Sunday when we have our display table out and then you can see them all of then.

First off I have aprons made from  flower sack towels. I made a full and a half apron. I know that half aprons are all the rage right now, but I tend to spill on the top half of me more then my lower half so I wanted a full apron too. I will have to give tutorials later, but I will tell you I am not very good at sewing so it has to be easy in order for me to want to do it. And these were quite simple aprons to make. All it took was simply sewing the decorative fabric onto the the already hemmed flour sack towels. I did not even use a pattern. I just looked at others ideas on the Internet and then did my own thing.
By the way that is my cute twelve year old daughter being my model for me.

Next I made trivets to match the aprons.  I found these wood plaques at Michael's for like a $1.50 and painted them brown for a base color and then I painted black on top of the brown and sanded the edges and corners to reveal the brown color underneath.   Then I added the fabric on top using hard coat mod podge.  Last I sprayed it with sealer and added little felt feet on the bottom.

 I am going to have a dish towel to match this set, but I have not got to that yet.

I also emroiderd (sp?) a dish towel that I got from the dollar store with a vintage embroidery pattern I found online (there is a matching apple pattern too that I have not finished).  and made a trivet to go with it.  I  want to make a half apron out of a matching dish towel  with matching embroidery on it also.  That way people can choose which set they are most interested in.

Next we are making placemat scripture bags.  I found this cute place mat at the dollar store.  this project is so easy!  there are many tutorials online on how to make these.

I have already shown this flower/bow holder, but here it is again since it is part of the Super Saturday stuff we are doing.  I explained how I made it in an earlier post.

Last we are making more metal washer necklaces because people requested making them again since they make such great gifts!

Whew! So there you have it! Like I said I will have to give more detailed tutorials soon. 

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  1. Cute! I missed church so I am glad to see what cute things you are doing.