Monday, July 12, 2010

Stitchery basics!

Sorry I have neglected the craft blog for a few days!  I have been spending a lot of my free computer time lately getting my Reading Blog going. So if you are a reader check it out!
Anyway this post is for all those out there who have never tried stitchery before or maybe it has been awhile and you don't quite remember how.  Unlike counted cross stitch where there is a lot of counting and messing up and picking out etc. etc. etc. Stitchery is very relaxing, calming and easy to do, but it looks and feels like you did something really amazing when you are done!
Stitchery is like drawing, tracing or writing on fabric, but with a needle and thread. The pioneer women taught their kids the alphabet with stitchery.  You can draw your own  patterns, purchase patterns online or at a craft store or I also like to find cute chunky coloring pages They make perfect stitchery patterns :-)
This letter A is an example of something fun to do in a small child's room or a nursery.  You could do the whole alphabet in cute frames that go all the way around the room. You can find these alphabet pics here.
You can use a light box to trace your picture on muslin fabric or you can be like me and you can use a window with good lighting shining through it to trace your pattern with light pencil onto your muslin fabric. Then you choose the embroidery floss you want to use.  Embroidery floss has 6 strands of thread.  I usually use two threads for my regular stitching, but I use less or more threads to create different looks to the stitchery.                                                                                                                                                                 Spotted Canary has a great tutorial on how to do the basic stitches. and 

The Stitching Cow blog also has a great tutorial and a cute free pattern to go with it!

Happy stitching!

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  1. Michelle- I saw this

    and thought of you and the cute little people that you make. Maybe you could make a house for them!