Friday, September 10, 2010

Pressure Cooker

So I am embarressed to say that I had never used a pressure cooker in my whole adult life( until yesterday). My mom had bought me one a few years ago and sadly I did not even open the box until yesterday.
 My mom used one a lot while I was growing up, but I had it in my mind that you used it only for canning and cooking beans etc. and it seemed like it was too complicated to use, but I ran across this article and after reading it I realized that I never really understood the true function of a pressure cooker. I decided to finally pull mine out of storage and literally blow the dust off the top of the still sealed box. I looked up pressure cooker recipes online and found that there were tons of things you can make with a pressure cooker. I finally decided on a simple recipe for pot roast. I pulled a pot roast out of my deep freezer around noon and let it thaw, but by the time I decided to start cooking it around 5:00 pm It was still a little frozen so I was unsure if it would work out, but within 1 hour I had a fully cooked super tender pot roast :-) I was in shock! It was tender like it had been in a crock pot all day, but in a fraction of the time! I've decided that my pressure cooker is my new best friend in the kitchen! Here is another good website to get recipes and info on how to use a pressure cooker


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