Friday, August 27, 2010

Flower/Bow holder

Here is another Super Saturday idea :-)  We are making hair bows and flowers as one of our classes and I thought it would be fun to also  make a holder to put them on.  I loved this one at Ucreate and so I patterned mine below after that one. 
It was really easy to make.  I had an old picture frame that I was not using anymore and I mod podged cute scrapbook paper onto the back board (Is that what it is called?).  I happened to already have chicken wire due to the fact that we got Chickens this year and I had some wire left over from making their coop.  I cut the wire a little bigger then the frame so I could have some control of how tight the wire needed to be.  I ran the ribbon down through the frame because I was going to have the ribbon hanging down out the bottom to give more space for bows and flowers to clip onto, but I did not have enough ribbon to do that, but I thought it still looked cute inside the frame anyway so I kept it there and it also provided a clever way to attach my top hangy ribbon part so I would not have to staple the ribbon onto the back of the frame.  I had a little piece of ribbon left over so I made a loop and attached it at the bottom to hold head bands.  I found the best way to insert the back board and chicken wire into the frame was to mold the wire onto the back board first and then I pushed it down into the frame.  I clipped the extra wire off and taped duct tape around the back of the frame to ensure the back was nice and tight and it covered up any sharp wire edges that might still be left over that wanted to scratch the paint on the wall. 
As always I forgot to take a picture of the process, but hopfully it made sense how I explained it.  It probably only took me about 45 min. to an hour to make it. 
 Here is another shot of it showing my small supply of hair flowers (I can't wait to make a bunch more at our Super Saturday) and head bands at the bottom.


  1. Hey! That turned out super cute!

  2. I love this, Michelle, and just might have to steal your idea for our Super Saturday. Very cute!