Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mothers day gift ideas!

Mothers Day is coming up soon!
It has been a difficult holiday for me ever since my mom passed away from cancer 3 years ago at the age of 72.
 My mom loved flowers and so for Mothers day it was always a no brainer as to what we would get her (besides a card).
I have such fond memories of her proudly wearing her Mothers Day corsage to church that my Dad would buy her every year  ( A Mothers Day practice that is sadly becoming extinct).  She would put other flowers she got  in a vase and have it be our  table center piece as long as they were alive.
It was so hard for me that first Mothers Day without her. Going to the store and seeing all the Mothers Day cards and flowers and  knowing that for the first time in my life I could not get my mom a Mothers day gift :-(
But it was nice to remember that I have sisters, sister in laws a Mother in law and friends who are mothers that I can celebrate.
Do you ever have a difficult time coming up with a new gift ideas each year for mothers day?
 I want to do a better job at getting mothers day gifts for my sisters.  Every year for the last 3 years I have wanted to get them special Mothers Day gifts to help fill the void that I know they are feeling too, but I have failed miserably so far.  Mothers day always sneaks up on me and I am always too late!  This year sadly might be the same,  but hopefully not!
Here are some fun ideas I found.

This is my favorite!  Beaducation has the neatest ideas and here is one  that I thought would make a perfect gift for my sisters. If I did it I would  have just a single photo of my mom (like a black and white younger one of her). Then I would stamp the words " My Mom Forever" or something like that.
The Idea room also has a cute mothers day necklace idea.

I also thought a stitchery would be  a nice thing that you could hang up year round.  I like this one in the pic above from Twin Stitchers Except I would add the word Angel before the word mother. 

How about a cute apron!  They are so popular right now and every mother can  use one. 
 This one pictured about is a Flirty apron you can get a coupon code here.
You can make one if you are feeling ambitious.  Here is one I made for my Sister in law last year. There are tons of cute patterns out there to choose from.
If you have a Tai pan trading near you they are having a great sale on cute aprons with cute fabrics for something like $12.95 each.

Potted plants!  these are a good old stand by that never gets too old.
I  hate the idea of cut flowers.  I aways feel sad when they die!  So I like to give potted flowers as gifts. they can eventually be planted into the ground. 
 I like to get one every year for my mother in law and it is fun to go to her house and see the flowers in her flower garden from Mothers days past :-)

If any of you have some great Mothers day ideas also. post a comment about it.  I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Thanks for making me cry this morning, Michelle!! I saw that beautiful picture of mom and just burst into tears! In fact, I'm still crying. I haven't done that in a long time. Wow! Anyway, I love all of your ideas and if I was to pick, I would choose the first idea, with a picture of mom. No pressure, however! I wish I was better also about helping my sisters have a wonderful mother's day in honor of our super fabulous mother. Thanks for placing the thought in my brain. I'm gonna have to get creative! Please know that I love you and am grateful your my sister!!

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