Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Reunion Crafts!

So my family had a family reunion in the Uintas over the weekend and I was able to finally able to see my sister Paula that lives in Tennessee (who helps contribute to this blog) after two long years!  It was so nice to see everyone!  Anyway Paula and I were in charge of the crafts for the kids ( imagine that : )  We had several fun things thanks to Paula and I was not as on the ball as she was and only came up with one idea. I also was mad at myself for not getting pics of the kids doing the crafts in action, but I got some after the fact.
1st the kids made bottle cap necklaces and magnets.

This is fun idea that has been going around the last few years.  You Mod Podge scrapbook paper in the inside circle of a bottle cap and then put diamond glaze or crystal lacquer on top to give it a finished glazed look.  Here is an old post of mine on how to do these, washer and scrabble tile pendants.
Paula also had a cute idea to make Alien magnets and necklaces.  You glue little puff balls into a bottle cap and add google eyes and antenna if you want. you can punch a hole in the bottle cap with a CropDile and make it a necklace or a key chain or just make it a magnet.

2nd We made cute nature bracelets with duct tape.

This is the one that my two year old made.  she loved finding things on our nature walk to put on it.
There are instructions at Skip to my Lou.  These ended up being a huge hit with all the kids under the age of twelve!  We went on a small walk and found some amazing stuff to stick on their bracelets up in the Uintas.   We also made cute wallets out of duct tape.( you can do anything with duct tape!)  I unfortunately did not get pictures of that.  Paula will have to post how she made these since she made this up after seeing an idea on how to make a tote bags out of duct tape.  She thought the boys would like to make a wallet out of camouflage duct tape.  Can you believe that there is camouflage duct tape!

3rd we made my ONE contribution. Corner bookmarks.

 I've seen several ways to do these, but this is my favorite idea that I adapted.  Cut the corners off old envelopes ( good way to recycle all those bills and junk mail envelopes you don't need anymore)  mod podge cute scrapbook paper on each side and embellish them how you want.

4th Paula had another great idea she found making no sew tote bags out of bandanna's.
We did not end up having much time to do this one, but it is an awesome idea that I can't wait to try!   The instructions on how to do them are here.  To make a big tote you use two bandannas and to make something more like a purse you do it with just one bandanna.

Share with us any fun craft projects your doing for your family reunions this summer.  Or share what you have done.

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