Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Bug a boo book pick!

If you are the type of adult that just loved the Harry Potter series and have not been able to find a replacement after reading book 7 then you  need to try the Fable Haven series written by Brandon Mull!  He just came out with the 5th book in the series "Keys to the Demon Prison" at the end of March.  So that is my April book pick, but if you have not read the series yet I suggest you start with the First Fable Haven book. Brandon Mull is such a creative and imaginative writer!  His writing style is completely different then J.K. Rowling, but similar in the way he shocks and surprises you on your reading journey with outcomes that you are not always mentally prepared to accept.  ( You Harry Potter readers know what I am talking about ). 
In our family we have an order of who gets to read the new Fable Haven book first.  I first got Fable Haven for my daughter Amandas Birthday 2 or 3  years ago.  She read it so fast and furious that I knew it had to be a good book so I read it next then my Husband Mike called to read it next much to my oldest Daughter Natalies dismay. So she had the misfortune of having to wait and read it last. (Joseph my 9 year old has not been mentally mature enough to read them until now, but he is in the middle of the Percy Jackson series right now).   So that has been our Fable Haven reading order ever since.  Amanda finally finished reading " Keys to the Demon Prison "  last night so I am anxious to get started! :-)

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  1. I just bought this book today and can hardly wait to start reading it. Jana and her family are here this weekend and I told Seth he could read it first, before he has to go back home. I thought that was pretty generous of me! I'm anxious to get started on it. I hope it's as good as all the rest!!