Sunday, September 25, 2011

There's a worm in my apple!

I just had to share this cute paper apple craft that we made for my 3 year old daughters neighborhood pre-school. Me and 3 other moms take turns doing pre-school each week and it was my turn last week. Our theme was Apples.

 You can find the template for this craft here.  I out did myself and decided to use scrapbook paper for the apple and then I used mod podge to add scrapbook paper to the tongue depressor stick.  I let the kids tape on the tab in back and glue on the google eyes.  That is about all they could handle since they are only 3 :-)  But they loved their little wiggly worms coming out of their apple! 
We also made kool aid play dough that day, which they loved!  They could have done that the whole time and been happy :-)
I like this play dough because it is so soft and easy to work and it is easy to make as well.  The recipe for that is here.

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