Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun treat!

Saw this idea a while back and have wanted to try it, but keep forgetting to get Jolly Ranchers at the store.

1st- Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

2nd- Put Jolly Ranchers together in groups of 3 and give yourself enough room for your sucker sticks

3rd- stick the cookie sheet in a pre-heated 275 degree oven and leave in for about 6 minutes (If you leave them in much longer than  that they will melt really thin and make weird shapes) 

4th- remove cookie sheet from oven and stick sucker sticks in the melted Jolly ranchers.

5th- Allow time to cool.  Once they are cooled they should pop right off the parchment paper.


P.S. this last batch we put the Jolly Ranchers in a triangle and they melted into these cool designs that my kids say look like peace signs

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  1. Shoot, I wish I hadn't already been to the store today! I'd love to try these. They look fun and easy. I'm going to be making some fun Halloween treats made with Moon Pies. They end up looking like owls. I'll post them onto my blog when we do them, hopefully soon.