Thursday, October 22, 2009

3D crystal lacquar

I had posted a while back about making pendants with diamond glaze.  Well I stumbled upon another product called 3D Crystal Lacquar.  It is cheaper, it hardly creates any bubbles and it dries faster.
 I taught how to make the scrabble tile and washer pendants at my last craft club and everyone prefered the crystal lacquar over the diamond glaze.  Here are some Pendants I have done with it and I think it looks just as good as the dimond glaze. Has anyone else used this product?  If so tell me what you think!


  1. Are those metal washers for the ones above? I love those ones. I've done the scrabble pendants with the diamond glaze as well and it took FOREVER to dry and would have a big divet in the middle. Not too pretty. Where do you buy this? Michael's?

  2. Yes those are just regular metal washers :-) Cute huh! I discoverd and bought my first bottle of 3D Crystal Lacquar on Amazon about a month ago for $6.00, but was sad to see the other day that they have doubled the price now.(Amazon has a way of doing that) I had to get more because that first bottle was pretty much gone after my craft class and so I just googled it and found some for a good price at scrapbooking warehouse.