Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let's play house!

I was looking for a little play house to go with the peg people I make.  I came across this idea And anyone willing to pay the price they are asking  for it is insane! And thought "I CAN DO THAT!" And I did :-)
I call this my pro to type because I made it out of foam board, but I want to make it out of wood eventually. (Another scroll saw project!) I was lucky enough to find a fantastic tutorial on how to make one at sweet sweet life.
I added windows to mine that double as handles if you wanted to carry it into the next room or something.  I also made mine shorter because my peg people are not that big. And I made my doors closer to the outside so I could have more wall space to decorate when I  add appliances, couches, bed etc. on the walls,but I might save that for the more sturdy wood version.  I like that this doll house it is so open.  It makes for easier play.  Especially when more than one child is playing with it. who needs the roof and all that when you are pretending you are in a room.
Here are my other rooms.

my neighborhood  pre-school kids loved it!
 Now I just need to paint more peg dolls to go with it.  I sold all but one at my Estsy store.

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