Monday, May 23, 2011

Finished Stitchery

I finished this stitchery a few days ago, but I have not had much of a chance to get on the computer these days so this morning I finally sat down to do it. Anyway here it is :-)  I have a picture of it just plain and one after I colored it in with crayon.  I can't decide which way I like it better. 

I love this quote and really liked how my little stitchery turned out :-)
There are 4 different types of stitches I used in this stitchery.

Basic backstitch
Lazy daisy stitch (flower petals, leaves and bee wings)
French knot (bee atenas, dots on I's and the center of orange flower, the center of purple flowers and dots around it, and the cream flower)
Satin stitch (door of  beehive, bee bodies

For more info on how to do the different stitches here is a great link.  Stitchschool.

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