Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Projects I want to try!

I have not been doing much crafting lately because I have been focusing on garden stuff, but I am starting to get back in the mood again! 
I found these two projects this morning that I want to try.   It is funny because they are both sewing projects and I always claim that I am not a very good sewing person, but I keep getting attracted to these cute projects!

First I love this coin purse at Paws and Thread.

She has a tutorial to show you how to make it.  I (as usual) am going to make some changes and cut some corners.  Instead of pleats I think I will gather the bottom half instead.

Next I love this ruffle purse!  It reminds me of my ruffle aprons.  Especially the little half aprons I am making right now for my friend.
You can find this purse here  If you want the pattern for this one I think you have to buy it, but I am going to try and figure it out myself.  I have this inner part of me that always yells out "I can do that!"  I rarely buy others craft items because I love the challenge of trying to make them myself.

I actually am posting this later then the first half of this post.  I found another tutorial that shows the gathering idea for the clutch purse that I was talking about.  You can find it at From an Igloo

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