Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine wood art

My brother is an amazing graphic artist and a bunch of other stuff!  Anyway he helped me with my Nativity puzzles this year on his scroll saw and he decided to play around with some designs he could cut out for Christmas gifts for all of his crafty sisters!( There are six kids in our family and he is the one and only boy).  I have already shown you the family one he gave me for Christmas ( have not gotten to that one yet), but with it being close to Valentines day he let me take home and do some magic to one of his Love designs.  I could not decide what to do first with this blank canvas, but I soon realized what I wanted to do after seeing some pretty floral paper.

Here it is unfinished. (the bottom stand is removable).

 I painted the whole thing Antique White traced out the love word on the floral paper and cut it out and Mod podged it to the word Love and traced out the heart and made that a nice deep burgandy and Mod podged that on also.  Actually this time I collage podged.  I am trying out a new product similar to Mod podge. It is thinner and does not show the brush marks as much as mod podge does and it is less smelly.

Once the collage podge dried I got an exacto knife and cut out all of the empty spaces in the letters and heart.

Last I sanded around everything with an emery board (my favorite sanding tool)  and went over all of it with some wood stain to give it an antiqued look.

Here is the finished project!  I think it turned out nice if I say so my self.  I hope my brother likes what I did with it!
Here are some of his other designs he has come up with so far. 

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  1. Way cute, Michelle!!! I can't wait to get mine!