Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mothers day pendant Necklace DIY

Hey all!
So Mothers day is coming up this Sunday and I made a fun and hopefully meaningful gift for all my sisters and sister in law.  I have wanted to do this project for about 2 years now and finally got my act together this year and made it happen :-)
My Mom passed away about 5 years ago from cancer. My sister in laws Mom passed away from cancer about 10 years ago.  So Mothers day is a difficult day for all of us.  I wanted to make something to honor our Mothers, and to keep the memory of their beautiful spirits that have passed onto the other side close to our hearts :-)

I made Pendants with their photo and matching ear rings. I was just going to make the pendants, but felt matching ear rings would be a  nice touch :-)

This is my sister in laws Mother up above.  Her Birth stone is Garnet so I found beads in that color.

This is my Mother :-)  Her Birthday stone is the Amethyst  and also her favorite flowers are lilacs so purple is her color :-) I can't wait to wear this on Sunday!

If you want to make something like this yourself here are the supplies I used.

You will need a....

-pendant blank
-epoxy squares.
-beads and charms to enhance it.
- a small photo or picture

I got most of my supplies from Buyjust5supply on Etsy.
  I used my digital scrapbook program to make the pictures the size I wanted (after several attempts) to fit in the pendant tray.  
I put the epoxy square on the photo (love those things)
Then I put a drop of diamond glaze in the pendant tray and pressed the photo in.
Add the chain and your done if you would like, but I added beads and charms to mine to add some character and a personal touch.

I also am making this yummy Sugar Lemon Scrub for the other friends and mothers in my life.

You can find the recipe here. So easy!
Instead of  adding 1 cup olive oil I added a half cup coconut oil and a Half a cup of Olive oil, but other than that it is all the same.

Have a Happy Mothers day everyone!  :-)

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