Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving crafts

I love Thanksgiving!  I have not had much time to do any Thanksgiving crafts this year so I wanted to share some things I have done in the past.  Here is the link
 Also here are a couple of crafts I saw out in blog world this year that I thought were cute and wished I had time to make.  First I just adore this Turkey! You can find it at a blog called "Under my Umbrella".
I also love the idea of a Thanksgiving countdown.  I like the idea shown here.  I love the idea of counting down all the things we are thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving.   I think this concept would work well also as a Thanksgiving tree.
I am sad to say that these ideas will have to wait until next year though :-(  The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving goes way to fast these days!

Happy Crafting!

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