Thursday, October 21, 2010

scrabble tile necklace and chicken eggs

My daughter had a bunch of friends over for a movie night and they were making scrabble tile and washer necklaces.  She decided to put the diamond glaze right on the letter side of the scrabble tile showing off the first letter in her name.  we drilled a hole in it since I was out of bails and put cording and a bead on it just like we did the washer necklaces.  We liked how it turned out!

Now if you did not know already.  My family got baby chicks this last spring and we have been anxious all summer for them to start laying eggs.  All of them are laying now except one. The hen who lays the blue green eggs just started laying last week.   We have 4 different types of hens so our eggs are mix of colors :-)   It does not matter how many times we collect the eggs it still is a fun surprise to see new eggs sitting in the laying box :-)

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  1. how do you wash your eggs? My chickens just starting laying eggs and I'm trying to figure out what you need to do. I agree always fun to go check out the nest-feels like magic